Thursday, August 28, 2014

MOVING DAY! (Making it Official)

Dear friends,

I am making this official. It is time for me to close up shop here and take all my energy to my new website.

I'll admit, I was torn for a while. I learned a lot here. I wrote a lot here. I didn't want to just "give it all up." But I am the same me over at my new site as I have been here. In essence, because of course I have been growing and changing. Changing can often bring about a crisis of identity, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Like St. Benedict's Rule? "Always we begin again." I am practicing new beginnings. I am emerging from the fog and the funk of transition and I want to make sure no one gets left out of the loop.

You can find me hanging my virtual hat over at  It's really quite a wonderful place. I have spent many loving hours putting my touch on it. As in life, we are always in progress and process; so it is with my site. Not everything is how I want it permanently, but it's looking and feeling like home. So I want to invite you over. What does the new site have to offer?

Here's a little tour:

1. A fresh, and refreshing look. Calm, peaceful colors and a very clean layout. It's easy on the eyes. And I feel like it in some way expresses who I am and what I love.

2. A newborn blog. It has been up since June and babies are newborn until they are three months old, right? (At which point my blog will be considered an infant? I don't know. Please don't follow everything I say to a logical conclusion. It will be a lonely journey. ;) :D )

On the blog, I talk a lot about writing, and poetry, and I mix in the authenticity of real life moments as well. And we all know that real life can sometimes be terribly awkward and unromantic, but I'm sure we can laugh that off together.

3. Some music samples. Samples as in full songs, but I use "samples" because I have only published a few from my album onto the page. When I have time, energy, motivation, I may add more. So, uh, stay tuned? Wah. Wah.

4. A Poetry page! This is my favorite right now. I have a new page up since last week. I challenged myself to write a poem every weekday. It doesn't have to be good, or fancy, or profound. I just have to do it, to stretch my mind and express my heart. That, of course, means it will be a delightful mixture of shadow and sun, because I am human. I will include a PROMPT from time to time, because I love my readers and I believe anyone who wants to can be a poet.

5. A brand new About section. I have a new, up-to-date photo. A new, up-to-date bio. And there's a contact form, the better to reach me with, my dears. You will also find a lovely link all dressed in blue, tucked beneath the contact form. This is a convenient way to access my story-coaching services.

6. You can still subscribe!!! Yay! I know I am asking a lot. You are already subscribed here, but there is no way for me to transfer your subscription to a different site. I want to invite you with all the warmth of my heart. (Which according to the latest personality test, I was compared to a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies, so that's pretty inviting!) Please do come on over and enter your email address in the box on the right margin of my blog, just underneath the social media links. I'll be thrilled to have you! Thrilled, I tell you!

I know change is hard. I'd been dragging my feet. But now? It is time. Join me on my new adventure?

Ever so much love,

Jamie (aka Ava Anomaly)

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