Sunday, April 13, 2014

What If

***photo credit Jennifer Upton

I see you there,

on the other side 

of that vast stretch of golden glory.

I sense you across the living sea of wildflowers,

making their long journey across the wilderness

toward you; the land barren no longer

because of their presence. The wilderness

has now been transformed to a field

of light. Is there anything 

I want as much 

as to chase this light? I feel

the invitation

that is a call

that is a plea

that is a demand on my soul

to venture in. But what if

you are only 

the cloud on the horizon? What if

the joy is in pursuit and not arrival? What if

there is no arrival

and life everlasting is a circle 

that spins

‘round and around 

on an endless quest for home?

Inspired by the photo prompt above, which was shared at a write-in with the Story Community. Join the magic!

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