Monday, April 21, 2014

10 Ways to Motivated Mondays

We have a prompt going today in the Story Sessions Community. Hopefully we can share our ideas and help each other figure out how to navigate Monday, the whitewater weekday. The prompt is to take 5-10 minutes to make a list of things you can prepare on the weekend to help you switch gears back to The Every Day Grind. (dun, dun, dun...)

My Monday Motivation Preparation List

  • Buy cereal so we have an easy breakfast for Monday morning. Let the kids choose the flavors. (Within reason, my friends. Within reason.)
  • Set the table the night before, so it looks inviting first thing in the morning.
  • Juice some oranges for something fresh and cheerful on the breakfast table. Store in a mason jar in the fridge and transfer to a crystal pitcher at breakfast. 
  • Lay out my outfit in a handy place so I don’t spend half the day in pj’s taking care of the kids. Lay out their clothes, too, even if we don’t plan to go anywhere.
  • Put on a new nail color just before bed so I have something cheerful to look at when I wake up.
  • Fill the kettle and the Berkey water tank. It’s really devastating to be “out” of water in the “before I’ve had my tea” portion of the day.
  • I was doing this but I got out of the habit: Prep all Kaitlin’s school books, supplies, and worksheets we will need for Monday so we’re not frantically searching for the last place we left the history book or for a ruler for her math lesson.
  • The mother of all no-brainers (for me): Crockpot dinner prep.
  • Never underestimate the motivational power of a freshly vacuumed living and dining area.
  • Choose one thing that I don’t want to go to bed Monday without having accomplished. Maybe it’s clean the toilet bowl or wash the walls. Maybe it’s art journal, paint or write a blog post. Maybe it’s play one song on the piano, or write a new poem or tune. Write it down on a post-it, and put it where I will notice.
 That's what I came up with so far. I'm open to suggestions! How do you make your Mondays easier? Feel free to leave your ideas and/or practices in the comments. I'd love to hear from you!

He certainly keeps me motivated to stay on my toes!


  1. Jamie, these are great suggestions. I don't have young kids any more but those ideas would sure help me here.

  2. So these are great ideas, what an intentional way to keep yourself motivated. I love the picture in my mind of your pretty, cheery morning oranges.

  3. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. So, did you try any of these and if so, how have they helped you? :)

  4. I have a hard time disciplining those oranges into waiting for Mondays. That is what I discovered. ;) Let me know if you try any of these and how they work for you? The table setting one was an easy win for me. None of these are habits yet, but hopefully in good time. Thank you for your comment. May you be blessed.

  5. Jamie, I actually have not tried any of these yet. What I want to try is having the table set the night before including with a nice tablecloth.That might make it more appealing for everyone to congregate for breakfast. I also like your idea of juicing oranges or maybe grapefruit and putting it in a pretty pitcher. Crockpot dinner prep. and choosing one thing to be done before I go to bed that night. I will try them soon:)


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