Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What If No One Sees Me

***Photo credit Jennifer Upton
Listen to the sound file.

What if no one sees me standing there-

in the day, in the night,

guarding this one hallowed spot of earth

I was created to cover?

What if I am in this corner of the world

forever? The long years ticking by

in the moving of shadows, wordless

creatures my only companions?

I keep my eyes forward.

I keep my head covered.

I keep my fear held tightly to my bosom

Hidden beneath a fortress of stone.

Will I wait forever to see life breathed into this body?

Will I carry always the kiss of rain, the heat of light,

the autumn leaves,

the snow

eroding the shape of me?

If I had a request to make in all these tedious hours,

just one?

I’d beg you not to let me fade away.

Written during a write-in with the Story Sessions writers' group. The prompt was the photo above, taken by Jennifer Upton.


  1. Whoah! Jamie. i love this poem! it resonates. i ponder this so often! but we see you. we hear you! beautiful words!

  2. I don't even know what to say. You captured so much of what I wrestle with daily. Beautiful friend.

  3. And by the way, we see you and are better people for you breathing into our lives.

  4. Thank you, Marvia. That photo Jennifer posted just really resonated. Felt like the statue was whispering a secret to me.

  5. Thank you Brenna. The daily wrestling can get wearisome. I see you. I hold you in my heart daily, thinking about the worldchanger you are and the worldchangers you are nurturing. "All shall be well..."

  6. Oh that last line. How did you know friend? How did you know..... I feel like you are coming alive in your writing right before my eyes.

  7. Oh, Abby, that gives me chills.

  8. Is it okay if my only words are Yes and Wow?


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