Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nature's Plea

Snow lies thick, burying the world beneath

a temporary shroud of choking white.

Nature tries her best to speak a language her children

will hear and understand-

a desperate call to free her people

from the effects of time

and wake them

from their own careless pursuit of satiation.

Slowly, softly but waste no more breath

she begs,

for the pressure grows intense,

melting and swirling,

and all her children must work as one:

their fingers in dirt,

hearts in their work,

hope carried in streams of water.

She stretches her hands,

weeping, entreating,

and speaks deep as thunder,

bright as sun,

old as roots and gentle as rain-

Please my daughter,

tell them something true

tell them till they heed:

swiftly must they begin

and swiftly must they find

a way to heal the earth

that in turn will heal the skies.

And time, little one,

is not on their side.

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