Monday, March 17, 2014

Nature and Mystery

In honor of the coming of spring in just a few days, I've decided to dedicate this week's posts to a nature theme.

"Write about the mystery and what that means to you."*

I like the word mystery. It gives me chills. It doesn’t weigh heavily like questions. It just stands out there among the stars and says “come up! come up here! see the universe through my eyes!” It’s dark, and bright, all at the same time. It’s clear like sparkling springs, yet hazy like mountain mornings. It is teeming with life like The Great Barrier Reef; it is full of traces of life like long buried fossils.

There is a certain wistfulness, not like a blanket of darkness so much as a longing to know all times beyond ours. There are so many birds, and beasts, and fellow human creatures I will never get to meet because they have already walked the earth and returned to it.

While I feel a presence, it is never the same as touching their faces, hearing their songs, seeing their beauty. I know them only from storybooks and the storybooks only know a few of the many, many hearts that once carried the world on their backs. Carried the world out of giving, not taking, feeding, not gutting. Weaving comfort instead of building tall; building our way up into the sky; building with everything we could take from our neighbors without starting a war yet sometimes do and might again soon.

I will stand with the earth. I will allow mystery to remain unexplored. I will not watch and listen from above while I can watch and listen from below. I will not take my Mother’s plight indifferently. Though I may travel I will never flee, but will work toward healing, toward peace as I go. Steadily, gently, thoughtfully through life.

*Prompt was tailor fit to the needs of a Story Sessions write-in group by story coach Jennifer Upton

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