Friday, February 21, 2014

We Can Still Be

“Why can’t you tell it to me straight?”
“Why can’t you take a hint?”

He’d prefer I make a list of everything
I want him to know, instinctively

He lives his best life through half the night;
I can barely outlast the long stretches of day.

They say opposites attract but we are mostly alike
Except when we are not... and then it hurts,

I won’t pretend.
We are learning as we go, slowly.

You’d think nine years tallied off the calendar
We would have made a communication formula.

But even one day can create a gap
When looking after young takes all waking hours.

Some days I’m just holding on for better ones,
Clinging to the past that tells us we have a future.

I flinch sometimes in reaction to tender touches,
Until I recall that his is give and not take.

I’m accustomed to being emotionally drained
And forget: united, we are so, so good together.

I love that we can still be ourselves,
While also being an “us.”

I love how we sustain each other’s hope-
Choose in the hardest times to meet instead of part.

I cherish each laugh we share together.
It’s not a secret, but do you know?

I fell for his laugh before I fell for his heart.


  1. So beautiful, Jamie! And yes, he's got a great laugh!

  2. I love this so much. So honest, real, and empowering. I so totally love you and Josh!

  3. Beautiful. Love this.

  4. I really resonated with what you shared on this morn's call when I listened to the recording. I want you to know I love your honesty and the space you are giving yourself in the midst of so much to press into your art. Your words above sound like you and that means an awful lot. A tender tribute and snapshot above. I hope to hear both of your laughs in the flesh someday.

  5. Thanks, Momsy. I've always thought he sounded like that gypsy in Ever After.

  6. Love you, too, sister dear. I'm glad to hear it's empowering. :)

  7. Oh, Sati. I'm so glad to hear that! Blessings to you. And hope; lots of hope. <3

  8. Oh, Jenny, I missed you so much today. I'm glad you were able to listen later. I'm glad my words sound like me. :) I can't wait to laugh with you. I just know it's gonna happen, because we are learning to choose ourselves and that means eventually we just won't be able to stand one minute longer not being able to meet and we will make it happen. :D

  9. The picture echoes your poetic words and more... BEAUTIFUL!

  10. Thank you, Susan. The photo was taken on our anniversary getaway- the first since kids came along. And we have an 8 year old!


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