Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First Kiss (Guest Post)

Dear friends,

Valentine's came and went and I just did not get my act together like I thought I would. I was going to do a series on marriage that highlights how it is not all about the romance but very much how we navigate life together, (although the romance is there.)

In spite of my inability to be relevant to the calendar holidays, I really do believe this is important to cover. Is it ever a bad time to talk about love? Valentine's is over but I will be doing this still, in my own time and way. And as always, thanks for sticking with me and hearing my heart.


Jamie (aka Ava Anomaly)

This post I want to share today is a guest post from the lovely Adela Just. And she really is lovely, through and through. I want you to hear her words. I want you to see the pictures she paints from memory and the hope she carries and clings to. I am so excited about this poem. Let it take you back in time. Remember...

First Kiss

Another evening ends at my front door.
February wind blows timid, caresses not so biting.
My heart surprises me with its fluttering -
the revelation of how I do not want you to part. {ever}

The good-bye hug begins.

I linger far past the acceptable time for such things.
{you do not seem to mind.}
The scent of cologne, the strength of your arms,
the warmth of you near -
a heady cocktail to make me forget my resistance,
if only for a moment.

Walls shudder and snap back into place.

I force myself away,
fighting the magnetism of my heart and yours,
but your arms tighten with the resolve of knowing
and your kiss lands like a grenade on all my barricades.

Many years and many fiery kisses lie behind us now.
Still this is our secret -
when locusts come to eat everything alive
and vultures come to feast on our weary, wounded hearts -
we are saved by the heat and the sparks and the melting in,
the pulling close of two lives forged into one.

Adela Just is a writer/musician who lives to see all the arts welcomed and released in the body of Christ. She is still figuring out how to balance her roles as wife, mommy and creative, so she pauses for afternoon tea most days in order to maintain her sanity in this process. Her corner of the internet can be found at

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