Saturday, January 11, 2014

Body of Messages: I am a Guest!

Sometimes, I wish motherhood came with a  free Dermal Regenerator. (In non-Trekkie/lay terms, it's a device that magically repairs damaged skin.)

But it doesn't.

And it takes a lot of time and positive reinforcement to come to terms with that. Often, it takes the affirmation of words, written where you cannot help but see them: on your very skin.

When my friend asked me to write on my skin and take photos for a project on acceptance and seeing ourselves through our Creator's eyes, I was sure I wanted to decline. Why? Because I'm camera shy and not so great with sharpies? Or because you can't erase the internet? Or was it, deep down, because I still don't love the woman God has made me?

Now, I love, love, love my friend Bethany. Her words are brilliant. Full of light, hope, and determination in the midst of life's challenges. So much, that when she asked me to do something terrifying, I had to say... yes! And you know what?

She is a Spirit-led woman. When she speaks, I listen. When she tells me to dig deep and practice self-acceptance, I say "I'm on it!" This was not easy for me. But I did it anyway.

So here I am, guest posting on her blog, baring my soul (and my midriff) for the forever-webs. Perhaps my word this year should have been "scandal" instead of "enough." I don't know. But what I do know is, that "yes" changed me. Let me share what I have learned:

Body of Messages

Sometimes I want to break the mirror
Before it breaks me
With the insults,
The lies,
The disdain
That says I am both
Not enough and too much.
I pursue what it means
To be “just right” ... Continue Reading.

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