Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Raw Kind of Brave

Sometimes, many times, I expect brave to show up looking like a hero. I don't expect it to be like a punch in the gut or a tremor in my jaw, but that's usually how it ends up feeling.

In Story Sessions, we had a write-in over the internet. A group of us inspired by a simple prompt will write, then read our words aloud to one another. It is raw. It is powerful. And it takes a lot of courage to speak up and use that voice the good Lord gave each of us.

Tonight, we were told: "Show me your brave."

Here is what I wrote. And just to add to the inner anxiety, I recorded it, too. 

Have a listen: My Brave

When I show my brave,
I am not the warrioress with feet firmly planted
On the battleground of resistance.
I am not the wind-whipped hair streaming,
The mighty arm raised,
The full breasts draped in some poor small mammal’s skin.
I am the trembling.
Adrenaline shooting harsh through thrashing frame,
Unable to locate the proper channel that looks like power.
I look more like the leaf clinging to the swaying background trees
Wanting to hide but knowing it’s almost my time to fly.

When I show my brave,
My feet don’t walk in combat boots;
They must be bare to breathe.
It is mighty effort to open my mouth and then speak.
My words don’t command armies;
They leave my lips on the force of God’s breath
Into the canyon below
Where the prisoners of war
Are waiting for hair-raising hope
To bathe their shriveled skin
With the harbinger of the coming storm
That will both shake them and set them all free.


  1. I'm too much a visual, so reading this, more powerful than hearing it last night. Oh my, yes!

  2. Jamie, I feel a kinship here, with your powerful words... I'm a visual person, too, so I can just see you speaking, even with lips trembling, into the canyon of prisoners. You see the coming storm and are setting them free. These words are very significant to me! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  3. I, too, am visual, and would prefer to be able to read along while listening to the audio layer. But I really love hearing as well as seeing. I love the layers.
    I really enjoyed your words and voice at the write-in. Your accent is fab. By which I mean, knock-me-dead fabulous. Love.

  4. Thank you Susan. You are a kindred spirit. Love to you!

  5. You are so brave and full of courage. And you know what? YOu always have been. I'm glad you see it now


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