Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Redeemed and Holy Ground

I am almost a month behind on the  Story Sessions  prompt "Declare Holy Ground." Better late than never, right?

Redeemed and Holy Ground

I speak into this space of vision,
lifting a fledgling voice, stepping forward in faith.
moving…  trepidatiously?
Isn’t that what holy ground is?
A place where I guardedly meet the fire that does not consume;
I approach that burning bush, suddenly compelled to remove my shoes.
Why? Why the naked feet? As if sandals are dirtier than clay?
Or is it about feeling the actual earth with uncovered skin;
bonding to its magnetic pull,
realizing that I, myself, have contributed to the dry dust
that now swirls in clouds around my feet; clouds that shade the colors
of sand and sole into one blurry picture of
Suppose the fire is love.
An all-encompassing love
that blazes bright, unquenchable, but
never devours the doubting, fragile, volatile runaway soul.
I crave the glowing warmth; the flame that does not destroy.
I imagine myself gazing in awe
as this fire transfers into a shivering, trembling, terrestrial body
I, too, can become a part of. A community
that brings new life wherever we set foot;
a people who declare with authority that this ground, this earth, this plot
is redeemed and holy, because we carry in our beings the expression
of the essence of “God so loved the world...”


  1. I love this, Jamie, as you already know :)

  2. "A voice of purity and strength" is what comes to me as I read these precious lines, Jamie - keep speaking! Beautiful :)

  3. inspiring as I head out to church


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