Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Alter Ego: Borderline Atheist

I am over at my friend Leigha's blog today with a guest poem that explores an alter ego voice in poetry. I've done several voices in the past so I guess that either makes me crazy or a writer. (Same diff?) Today I am channeling my inner borderline atheist; the doubter, the person who asks God to prove existence through answering the hard questions. It may sound insane to defy the modern narrative that doubt should not be a part of our christian journey, but the real fable is believing that doubt and faith cannot coexist in a believer or that "doubt" is somehow synonymous with "unregenerate." (A word that I truly despise.) In the book of Job, we see a man who is not afraid to question God; a man who fully expects an answer... and receives one! It's time to start asking the hard questions again, and Leigha is graciously hosting mine.

Alter Ego: Borderline Atheist

I don’t know how to move out of the limbo that looks like god didn’t keep
the promises of provision.
I am drifting in the sea of too little time and too much pain
and they don’t paint a redemptive picture right now.
I am not capable of trusting my head over my heart anymore
All that knowledge let me down
As surely as it did the inhabitants of The Garden.
I thought I could leave it all in divine hands
And that it was a safe place to be...
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From 40 Days of Poetry prompts with the Story Sessions Community 

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