Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Too Much Information: November

Too much information, or TMI, is when I tell you way more than you expected me to tell you about myself or the random thoughts I have. I'm thinking of doing this monthly, just to lighten things up. It's fun to talk about yourself once in awhile, isn't it? Give your friends and family some more blackmail material? They'll have more than they know what to do with and give it up. "It's brilliant, brilliant brilliant!"-Yzma (We all know how sound her ideas were.) If you blog about it, do come back and share the link in comments.

  • I don't believe "I love you" until I hear "I respect you." Maybe not in so many words, but you get the idea: Love = Respect.
  • I don't cook out of cast iron pans because it's popular but because I grew up cooking out of cast iron pans. Tradition trumps trend.
  • The mugs I drink my tea out of are really more like tankards.
  • I do not know the definition of subtweeting, but if I stood under a bird that was, uh, tweeting, would I figure it out?
  • I made up a word today: Fencimist. When you want to call yourself a feminist because you believe in the ideals behind the label, but you're afraid of all the negative connotations associated with the word. You support other feminists but aren't ready to leap into the unknown repercussions (that's where the "mist" comes in) of claiming the label.
  • I am not terribly vocal about it, but I am a feminist, by the way. I'd rather face the music than the constant discomfort of splinters in my hind regions. But I was a fencimist prior to 2013. If you're not comfortable with either of those words, it's fine. You get to be a person, too. Your feelings are valid. Let's make room for each other.
  • I am not a multi-tasker. If anyone still believes the gender stereotypes. For instance, I decided to attempt NaNoWriMo, but I haven't blogged for days. Also, we've had a good deal of insta-dinners so far this month. I pull those meals right outta my, uh, hat. Yes, that is the word I was going to use.
  • Marriage/Family/Parenting peeves: If you cannot sum up your list of rules with "love each other," you're using the wrong rulebook.
  • I wish I could be for darn certain what my MBTI personality is, but "N" is the only constant in my life. Other than that, I have lots of thoughts and feelings. My spirit soars when I socialize but my body shuts down for like a week after. That being said, I'm probably most aligned with INFJ... for now.
  • Someday, if we get to know each other very well, I will tell you how I feel about neckties. Or more accurately, how I can't believe people haven't noticed what they look like. (My husband and his groomsmen had bow-ties at our wedding. Because that is somehow better. I dunno. Should we have gone with lacy neckerchiefs?)


  1. Neckties, seriously! They're like giant, long arrows pointing down. It's like "hey, check out my awesome tie, that's pointing straight at my awesome package!" I am also a feminist. I just didn't totally realize it until this year as well. Love the post by the way, I love hearing about you.

  2. LOVE this post and especially love your new term. I'm a total fencimist. I thought about taking a Jesus Feminist picture when that was going around a few weeks ago, but decided it would stir up more controversy than I felt equipped to deal with. :\

  3. Lol! Remind me to do one next month. It will be fun to make a habit of it. I love you!

  4. Glad you like the word. :D I hear you on that. Controversy is not my cup of tea, and I warmed up very slowly to the label. I kept thinking I should take a pic for Sarah Bessey, but I am notoriously indecisive and with only one chance to say everything I wanted to say on one piece of paper I fled the pressure. :)

  5. Lol, what's wrong with neckties? I kinda doubt the designers had anything promiscuous in mind.


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