Monday, November 18, 2013

She Cannot Be Silenced

oh, you.
you think that now you've found a voice we aren't laughing at you?
you think because a few of you band together, you can change the world?
oh, you
oh, you
you have no idea who you're up against, do you?
no idea
or you wouldn't be so bold
you wouldn't step out like this
throwing all your chances away
your dignity is gone upon the wind that blew by your house yesterday
oh, you
they tell you that you are brave and you believed them because they believed in you
and it is really one vicious cycle of misplaced confidence
you'll see
you think we care what you say, what you do, how you speak of us?
we are power;  we are not threatened by your feeble attempts to assert your freedom
oh, you
you sound like cats fighting
you sound like chickens clucking
you sound like instruments screeching for children who don't know how to play them
oh, you
poor, lost child. there may still be grace for you if you want to come back now
oh, you
you'll make an excellent Prodigal
come back and say that everything you wanted was just you being a silly schoolgirl
come back and wash yourself clean in the fiery furnace of our guidance
we'll relent once you have been properly chastised
and it's more than you deserve, you know that
oh, you
yes, you do
run back now, put these chains back on, they become you
oh, don't you see how beautiful you are, bound and shamed?
it's what he wants.
listen now or it will be too late. you have failed before you even start
oh, you
you have no idea who you're dealing with
but we can still forgive you
let us wrap you safely in our cocoon of truth
we want to help you, save you, rescue you
oh, you
we fear for your soul and the other poor souls you drag down with you
into wrath
oh, you
do you not see how Jesus weeps?
we will pray for you
oh, you
foolish girl!

hey, you!
i have changed my name
and it may seem like one bold and foolish action
asking for a beat down
i was a small candle, flickering, sputtering
now i blaze with passion for speaking my mind
hey, you
i am not going to sit here and take it
there is a time to stand up and reason with the reasonable
but you,
you are long gone into your angry, controlling ways
so far gone that love does not even glimmer in your eyes
but instead rolls off your tongue a lifeless, gray clot
hey, you
the holy one once spoke of whitewashed sepulchers,
and who can live in such places of death?
hey, you
you sound like the clash of sword against sword
you sound like the rattling of a sleepless viper
you sound like the roar of a tank crushing anything in your path
hey, you
i'd rather be a poor lost child than one of your ninety and nine
they tell you you are calm and logical and full of reason
but it is really one vicious cycle of la la la, not listening to any but your own.
hey, you
we will not wear your chains, forged in the fires of suppression
we finally see our beauty, and it is freedom that becomes us
hey, you
you see a tree bent and scorched with branches stripped bare
assuming death and damnation
but, we
we see within the wounded bark a deep, deep love, circling love, circling life
we see those roots tired of fallow soil plunge hungrily down toward water alive
and we,
we don't ever waste a thing. see those fallen leaves you thought would turn to ashes?
we drew nourishment from those thousand tiny deaths
and will spring anew when our healing is complete
just watch
resistance is invigorating
restoration is holy work
hey, you
you fear for my soul? oh, do not fear at all
for where you quake at punishment and wrath
i hear an anguished voice crying "Father, forgive!"
i hear a tear-filled voice shouting out "Come forth"
and we, all who bowed and scraped and crushed our dreams at your command,
we are shedding our grave-clothes, our rags, and our man-made muzzles
at the sound of his calling
and we,
we are free, indeed


  1. JAMIE. This is life-breathing. Keep speaking, you.

  2. YES. Yes yes yes yes yes, Yes and amen.

  3. Deep stuff, Jamie. "...we see within the wounded bark a deep, deep love, circling love, circling life -we see those roots tired of fallow soil plunge hungrily down toward water alive...."
    "...resistance is invigorating restoration is holy work...."
    And we can all relate to "Father,forgive!" and "Come forth". I really can't say all I want to say, but just know I see and understand. Love you lots!

  4. Love you, too, Mom. Thanks for witnessing, and loving deeply. I'm blessed every day because of you. <3

  5. Wow!! Just wow.
    Having just started to shed my grave clothes, my rags and my man made muzzles, this resonates deep within me.

  6. I'm still in the shedding process, too. I hear you. You are brave and I am honored to share in this with you.

  7. this is AMAZING.

    wow...oh Jamie. this is amazing!

  8. Amen. I relate to this. And I know many others who will as well. Do not let your voice be silenced. Your voice is NEEDED.

  9. Thank you Rebekah. It is hard to be bold, terrifying even. But I truly believe that all voices are needed, and the ones that have been silenced are now, more than ever, a priority.

  10. O wow wow wow. LOVE.

  11. Visionary, Jamie. I hear this freedom, too. Thanks for telling it.

  12. I love this. The condescension of the Good Ol' Boys' Club, the elaborate anthropologies they call theologies, reconstructing the scene out of the setting and missing the plot, I know it well. Heck, I PLAYED it well, thinking there was no other option, even though that inner nagging always told me something was very, very wrong. But it is a web to untangle, a tight web. You have to question everything, every claim to validity. The city built in the image of the beast is held up by us, and they are afraid and anxious. Every liberation comes with a price. Chaos is usually left in the wake of imperial collapse, even though it was built upon an illusion. And when the order-less crowd rebuilds, it always becomes another prison with another set of privileged voices.There is a certain proportion of organization that serves human settlements, without becoming an end in itself. A river, a tree, a mountain range all remain within a certain size before branching, and they are fed by the same proportion of increments. But power is always available to all freely, there is no lack, because it is like air and sunshine and soil. So we can choose to be small, like the leaves of the tree of life, used to heal the wounds of the wounded, because we know where real power comes from. It is as common as sand, and hierarchies are just illusions inside our minds.

  13. Thank you, Tanya. I used to be afraid of that word, but now I love it!

  14. Thank you. You know, not only do you hear the freedom, Esther, but you are smashing those chains with your prophetic words. Don't ever stop.

  15. Don't I know it so well. So many of us play the script handed to us; we didn't know the rules were man-made. Well, you have given me a new layer to loving trees and rivers and mountains. Wild is in our core; our creator placed it there on purpose. So that we would believe not in systems but in a savior who calls us all and gifts us to teach, to lead, to love, and to break the captives' chains.
    I need a cuppa and a chat with you, so very soon, Sara dear. Miss you like crazy!

  16. I love this so much. The words are strength and comfort to someone who has had to stand up and fight back. We are not alone!


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