Monday, October 21, 2013



Let it come in;
Pouring over windowsills,
Flooding darkest of corners,
Sending spiders skittering.

Let the light in.
Let it burst through parted blinds,
Fading patches of carpet,
Adding character to gloom.

Light hurts my eyes;
Tears sting and stream along my face,
Washing grimy specks away.
My vision created new.

Let the light in,
Exploding every shadow.
Watch our wildly swirling dust
Transform to sparkling diamonds!

Light finds the cracks;
It burns its way through glass.
Light is heat, and warmth, and love.
Goodness shining; still, we fear it.


  1. Lovely poem. I like the lines, "Watch our wildly swirling dust - Transform to sparkling diamonds!" Never thought of it that way but that's exactly what it looks like!

  2. I was always fascinated by dust particles whirling around in sunbeams, ever since I was a little girl.

  3. I'm glad you're doing poetry, Jamie. You're good at contradictions and complications, and poetry is, too. Letting the (scary) light in with you!!

  4. Thank you. I'm more and more convinced that poetry is my mother tongue. I never feel like I'm babbling when I dwell here.


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