Tuesday, October 8, 2013

For Wistful Strings

I am linking up with Everyday Awe for this week's Psalms Journey. For a brief description, the author is going through the Psalms week by week, one at a time, in order. A friend of mine recently invited me to participate, and since I love the Psalms I had to take her up on it. :)

This week is a reflection of Psalm 76, a Psalm of Asaph.

For Wistful Strings
Longing for a dwelling place;
Calling a Name; begging for grace.
A shattered arrow can no longer pierce;
When the mountain lion's master is fierce.
Powerful men can charge like bulls
But they who abuse must be made fools.
Those trampled and bruised raise ugly cries;
Their deliverer hears and soon will arise.
The mighty proud mouths open wide
A heavy hand drops to its side.
The shield is broken; the line is drawn
Oppression vanishes in light of dawn.
Our saving hope is not in vain.
Rulers take note; your thrall will wane.
Hush now and sleep, oh king-for-a-day
The quaking earth dreams of your swords put away.

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