Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Empathy Series

If you recall, back in March during Holy Week, I did a series of posts about what it might be like to live alongside characters in the Bible. I hung out with the gospel of Luke and we became good friends. It was a growing, stretching experience to try to imagine what the people of that time went through, what it was like to be near Jesus, identifying with so many of His followers and what they went through.

Now obviously, no one can know details beyond what is written in the accounts of the Bible or recorded in other historical documents. For this reason, I choose to refer to it as a fiction exercise even though the truth elements are evident. The stories ring true because they are based on the narratives we are familiar with. Our imaginative perspectives inserted help bring the story alive, true and real in our own hearts as we explore the depth of thought and feeling, capturing the humanity of God’s people in that age and binding it to ours in this one.

I am thrilled to announce a second Empathy series, with a new twist: I am inviting in other writers to guest post their own take on a familiar Bible character/passage/story of their choice.

I will be sitting down and practicing listening for this series, waiting eagerly to see what my friends have to share from their time spent in the ancient texts. I pray blessings over each of them, that the old words would bring new life. They could be writing poems or parables or short stories- the door is wide open. I'm so excited; I can’t wait for my guests to arrive!

Join me, will you? Read along and get to know my friends a little bit? I will be posting once a week on Thursdays for this Empathy series beginning 9/26/2013. If any of you, yes you, my dear readers, would like to give it a go, I’d be happy to find a calendar spot for you and host you in my virtual family room. Just fill out the “Contact by Email” form on the sidebar and include a message expressing your interest in participating, and we’ll see what we can work out.

For easy referral, I will add the links to the guest posts here as soon as they go live. I don't want you to miss this!

On the edge of my seat,


Nobody Really Likes A Prophet, by Esther Emery

An Invisible Woman, by Chrystal Westbrook

A Mother's Remembrance, by Gayl Wright

It Started With Fishing..., by Alan Wright

Will You Find Me?, by LJ

From A Broken Line, by Abby Norman

The God Who Hears by Brenda Wilkerson

The Dignity of Refusal by Leigha Cann 

The Day She Was Seen by Bethany Paget


  1. I am excited about this, too, and looking forward to reading them!

  2. They're all lovely and challenging, Jamie. Thanks for making this happen.

  3. I'm am in awe both at the number of contributors and the unique brilliance of each piece. This has exceeded my wildest expectations. And it's not even over yet!
    I'm greatly indebted to Elora for empowering me to make it happen when I timidly, haltingly spoke my dreams over a coaching session. I'm so thankful.


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