Monday, August 26, 2013

Kaitlin Shares a Story

This is a story written by my daughter, Kaitlin Bagley, age 7. I asked her if she would like to publish it on my blog, and she was only too happy. 

The Pink-Bearded Penguin

Once upon a time there was a penguin with a pink beard. His name was Candy.
He was 51 years old! The penguin always is messy with his food. He eats all day, he sleeps all day, and he watches tv all day. And sometimes he goes to the beach, whenever he gets too cold. He goes swimming in the water, and he drinks smoothies and he eats ice cream. He relaxes at the beach. Then he saw a fox relaxing at the beach! The fox saw the penguin. The fox wanted to eat the penguin, but the penguin defeated him. And then Candy went home.

The End.


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