Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Story

I have been subscribed to her blog for a while, and today I decided to take the plunge and try out Lisa Jo Baker's Five Minute Friday prompt. Because if I can get over my nerves, I think it will be... fun! :)

Today's selection was: Story


What is mine?

I know this much: it is wrapped up in my name.

A name I didn't choose. My parents chose it for me.

As a child, I craved to be significant. I wanted to know the meaning of my name. So I looked it up:

Jamie. Derived from Jacob. Which means deceiver.

To me, it simply meant devastation.

Must I live into that story? Was it my story destiny? I carried the despair for years.

"At least," I thought, hopefully, "no one would have high expectations for me to fail them in."

But. I watched myself like a hawk!

I became determined to defy the meaning. To be honest with myself and my family about everything. (Often, this looked like wearing my heart on my sleeve. Constantly.)

Life was emotional. Raw. But the discipline was necessary in my mind. I am stubborn.

I became a type of Jacob after all.

I am a dreamer of dreams.

I wrestle with God.

I will not let go without the blessing.

I have walked with a literal limp.

Yet, I am not like the prototype; I have a new story. My own story.

I am beloved. Jamie. Adopted heir to Kingdom-of-God goodness. Child of "Abba, Father."


  1. I like that you've redeemed your name. :) But I would have thought Jamie was derived from James!

  2. Full disclosure: When I looked up Jamie it said "See James." When I looked up James it said it was derived from Jacob. So then I looked up Jacob. I didn't mean to leave out details, it's just how my five minutes of unedited gut-spilling turned out. I have no idea which book I used as reference. We're talking about the oooooold days. ;)

  3. Now that you mention it, I think I have heard that before! I was a little too into names for most of my childhood.

  4. Hi Jamie, welcome to the FMF party! Glad you joined in. (I linked up after you #195.) Thought this story behind your name was so interesting - especially since my sister's name is also Jamye. Loved reading your thoughts about it as you've grown, and I love that you ended with the real meaning of who you are. Hope you'll write more FMF posts. I'll be back to read them. :) Blessings!

  5. Love this, Jamie, and all those qualities you have. Wonderful!

  6. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It's nice to meet you, Tanya. :) I could very easily get addicted to the FMF party. Such a cool gathering!

  7. Thank you, Debby. I'm so glad to see you in this space. I love our little writer's network. (Maybe not so little anymore, lol.) It's a blessing any way I look at it. :D

  8. Oh yes! Your last sentence just grabbed me. Blessings!

  9. Thank you, Barbie. We all have precious stories because we are all beloved. Blessings right back atcha! :)


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