Thursday, June 27, 2013


I guess June must be poetry month. I really can't help it. I go to write about things I want to write about and instead, the lines of verse keep bubbling up and demanding my full attention. I am not exactly sorry for this; I enjoy it, to say the least.

My theory is that, because I have been ill, I tend to dwell more on my dreamer/mystic side than the practical/skeptic side. Is it an attempt to escape reality? I don't know. I think it is just that because I have to focus on healing, I naturally shrink inward. So of course I would find this stuff buried deep in my soul. Of course.

I love ya for stickin' with me! Mwah!


Fool I was!
Fool to think I was capable.
That I not only could,
But had reason
Beyond doubt.

To know better
Is cruel.
So harsh
This now lifetime sentence;
Innocence shattered.

You feel it too?
Thief of peace
Stealing while you sleep.
Then helpless dawning;
It is gone beyond pursuit.

Weep, then let it go.
Better by far
To live desperate truth
Than die a falsehood.
To sorrow is still to feel.

Defy the numbness;
Fight it to the edge.
The bandage of denial
Could never replace
The healing of saying it aloud.

Depths of soul
Where dreams are born
And where they perish;
Freedom is bought with tears
And baptized in hope.

Never stop believing
That sun will rise,
Warm and thrilling.
Burning away the mist;
Illuminating your path.

You feel small, maybe.
But forge ahead,
Signing the way
For those compelled, in time,
By your steadfast song.


  1. Beautiful Jamie, as usual! It's like a psalm where the despair starts to come and then is all changed around when we realize that we are not alone in the dark - "that sun will rise". Thanks for your insights! Love you!

  2. I honestly feel like it wrote itself; that these poems keep writing themselves. Can't put my finger on it, but I never know where it's going when I start writing one, lol! I think they're pretty thematic, though, and will probably start to sound the same if I don't shut it down soon. Like I have a choice. ;)


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