Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Will Always Love A River

I will always love a river:
Peaceful and gurgling,
It trips delightfully along
With open invitations
To splash in shallows
With childlike fervor.

"Forget now the moments of thy trouble."
And all is well, inside and out,
Soul alight on feather-wings
Of long past joys and promised futures.
All that haunts is diminished
In the clear, timeless waters.

Find your rest here, dear one.
I know you were born into a new world
Where sorrow embraced unbidden
And the earth swallowed you whole.
You co-slept with grief instead of life;
A heaviness only you can know.

There is healing in a river:
It washes clean a body and soul,
Restoring faith to weary hearts,
Trilling prayers without ceasing
As it trips endlessly along
Toward its chosen sea.


  1. What a peaceful, comforting poem! You have such a way with words! I love you, dear Jamie!

  2. Love you, too, Mommy. And thank you. :)

  3. this brings tears and comfort at the same time. Thank you for knowing, and for loving.


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