Thursday, May 16, 2013

Transitory: The Drawbacks of Blogging

Hmm... I have often wondered, of late, about the ephemeral nature of the blogging world. Here today, old tomorrow.

It's a crazy cycle. Crank out the post, draw the readers, respond to comments, repeat? I'm trying to figure it out now that I've committed to blogging.

But here's what is bothering me about the whole thing:
Ideas happen, every day. This is true. But do you not think that some ideas are worth considering over a long period of time? That when one posts thoughts on a blog, it's because they mean something. They mean a great deal. They carry ideas that resonate with others and warrant discussion.

But then the wind blows, the clock strikes midnight, and the idea is abandoned because a new day demands a new idea. We are so entrapped in a culture of "eternal now" that we rarely revisit an idea we read or commented on last week or last month. Maybe we check back with yesterday's, because that wasn't so far away. But not much further.

I wonder how/why we move on so quickly? Especially when the topics deal with current issues that remain unresolved. Or have we solved the world's problems in that area forever?

"You were so passionate about that thing you left your highly opinionated comment on in February. Remember that? You don't? But it was sooo important to you then. What happened? Oh, you leave comments every day? What are they about? What was so important to you and to that discussion? Do you even remember you had that discussion?"

This is what my self-talk has been looking like lately. And this is another reason my blog posts have gone down in frequency. I don't wish to swish empty words out onto the sea of endless attention-clamoring ideas that swarm the internet every day. I have said a great many things that I need to go back over and reaffirm. Backing up to move forward.

I mean, what are we made of? The stuff of advertising, scheming, performing, all in the name of freelance? Or are we individuals with a mission, seeking community and fruitful conversations about how to be peacemakers and live lives of purpose and integrity?

I'm maybe being too hard on myself. I like sharing artistic expression, whether with words, music, or awkward sketching. Or making and eating pie, with pictures to make you drool, of course. And they have their place. But nobody can continue to crank out a new, fresh, moth-to-flames idea on a continual, daily schedule. And we are fickle if we expect it.

So, on the transient nature of blogging: Do you ever go back and read outdated posts that really resonated with you? Do you share with your friends the ones that have been most meaningful; that have really helped make a change in your life? Or are we all just mindless consumers, shouting "give, give" at our favorite authors, as though what they have already said is no longer worthy of consideration. Is this a virtual "keep up with the Joneses" mentality? He who dies with the most views wins?

I challenge you, (yes, that means you, my dear,) to share in the comments what has been meaningful to you over the past few months/years. The "one thing" that really stood out. That book that you can't get out of your head. That post that has influenced your everyday life. Spotlight an author who shares a vision and a challenge that is important to grasp in the ever-changing ebb and flow of the forum of ideas. Let's revisit the highlights together. Go forth, and share!  

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  1. Not exactly a blog post, but this is one good article for me to revisit.

  2. Just now got a chance to read this. Good and challenging thoughts.


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