Friday, May 24, 2013

My Screen-Age Life

I should never boil my tea
but I do.
I light the stove with good intentions,
then sit down to voraciously consume
the sayings, the writings, the opinions,
of voices far louder than mine.
Then with a hiss
and a bubble
I realize that time has consumed
my mind,
my joy,
my tea!
And woe is me,
for tea could very well be
the best part of my hectic day,
while children play.


  1. And so true. I do it all the time not necessarily with tea but I have left things on the stove too long. LOL

  2. Remember the days when we used a microwave and pretty much any given day you could go in the kitchen and discover a cold cup of tea or coffee in there? Lol!


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