Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tales of a Renter's Adventures: Story 1

Sometimes it's hard to be a renter.

Little things, here and there; they really add up.

Like last night when the fire alarm went off for the third time this winter. C'mon folks, no single family homeowner is going to be THAT irresponsible. But in an apartment, one mistake or prank and everyone gets the boot. Out into the cold night air, scrambling, dragging sleep-heavy children, snagging purse, coat, shoes, blankets and car keys.

We sat there, car started, blowing cold air on us. Kaitlin couldn't stop shivering for such a long time. The radio played loudly at the volume my husband last had it at on his way home from work. The kind of too loud that you don't want to hear before you've had your morning cups of coffee or tea or whatever starts your engines.

The firefighters came through and did their customary sweep. I felt so sorry for them, as I was 99% sure it was another false alarm. (It was.) We watched as people straggled out of the building here and there. Not nearly as many as you would expect considering the number of apartments. I get the feeling people are tired of the fire bell screeching "wolf!"

I enjoyed snuggling a wide-eyed Cameron who was wrapped in a blanket and staring at the fire truck. Kevin was pretty quiet in the back seat. Not wide awake and not worried. All the right people were here with him, safe.

At last, we saw people making their way back in. Josh stepped out of the car and they  gave him the all-clear. We stumbled wearily back into the apartment. I slipped in some mud and stepped on the big blanket. It probably won't get washed until the weekend.

I was exhausted, having just settled Mr. Tot a half an hour earlier and was just drifting off myself when the rude awakening had come. Now he wanted to be up and about, thinking he'd had a most marvelous nap.

I think Josh brought him to bed around 3 a.m. I don't remember too much. Just that I hoped and prayed that this would never happen again.

We dealt with the consequences of broken sleep all the next day. Lots of fighting, yelling and apologizing, asking for forgiveness and hugging.

I pray we have a peaceful night tonight.

You, too.

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