Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow Day!

"What's Chicago without a few crazy drivers?" Josh asked as he settled onto the sofa for an afternoon off work.

I'm just glad he made it home okay.

We are having our first real snow storm in Chicago this year. We had one or two other snowfalls that yielded an inch or two.

This morning we awoke to white flakes dancing madly from sky to earth. It was wildly, wickedly beautiful.

And it has continued, relentlessly.

All day!

The kids, understandably, were thrilled.

We spent a lot of time outside this afternoon.

Playing, taking pictures, eating snow, and just enjoying togetherness.

I even upended a laundry basket full of clothes onto the sofa and made a makeshift sled, attaching an old belt to one of the handles. The kids took turns riding while I did a three-day workout hauling them around. We wore a circular groove into the snow so the basket wouldn't keep tipping. Sadly, I have no pictures of that because we were having too much fun to stop and take them.

I haven't loved snow this much since I was a child!

So we finally got what Kaitlin has been praying for since December 21st.


Sometimes things are just lots better if you have to wait for them through a long, dreary, hopeful season.

Kind of like life...

Remember yesterday?

When I posted that boring, dull, unromantic view from our living room?


I think God read my blog post and was all like, "Here, let me paint that up for you."

Then, all I had to do was STEP OUTSIDE my living room to the vast beauty waiting just beyond my vision.

And drink it in.

It's been a good day.


  1. You look so vibrant and full of life! That makes me happy! I want to play in the snow with you guys!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. It's so much nicer to enjoy snow when all the kids are old enough to love it, too.

  3. Now that's a snowfall!Your little snow people take to it so naturally.

    1. Snow is for kids, don'tcha think? It just happens to turn back the clock for adults, too. :)


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