Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's No Secret...

Last night's curry and some bread pudding.

I love to cook! Bake. Whatever term you like to use.

Once upon a time a weary mom spent a whole 2 days mostly in the kitchen when her in-laws were visiting. Oops.

I didn't mean to, it was just such a sweet release from the burden of life with littles.

And, I cook things for people to tell them I love them.

I'm pretty sure they forgave me. ;) But I'm trying to be more careful in the future not to Martha-it-up while they're around since we usually have so little time together. (Martha from the biblical parable, not to be mistaken with dear friends or hallowed celebrities.)

I grew up in a baking home. Bread. Pies. Cookies. Etc. Almost on a daily basis. Yes, be jealous. The Wrights still rock it out with the best pizza in town! (Seriously. Invite yourself over there on a Friday night. Now!)

When I married Josh, his family passed along some time-tested recipes of granola, South African curry, and the yet-to-be-attempted Milk Tart. (Hmm, should I remedy that today?)

We had the curry just last night. There are tons of leftovers. If you are local, come on by!

Anyway, when I started this post, believe it or not, I intended to talk about sourdough. Now you have some background. More than you asked for.

For 1.5 years I ate a grain-free diet in order to permit my body to heal and recover from hyperthyroid and some digestive issues. I will write about it someday, but today is not yet that day. (Kids, time constraints, all the excuses!)

Aaah! I know. It sounds like I got sidetracked again! Stay with me:

When my doctor finally gave me the all-clear for wheat-eating I was ecstatic. I really had thought I'd have to give it up altogether. But no, now that I am healed, moderation is the only requirement.

Enter sourdough! (Finally!)

About a year ago, I decided to jump on board the whole sourdough bandwagon. Mostly because yeast is expensive. But partly because being in a north-facing apartment, we get no sun and I can't grow anything! I need to grow stuff! So sourdough became my new, delightful pet/houseplant/whatever project.

I researched lots of different ways of starting it up; I even bought a book. But I ended up using these simple instructions. (If you want a more detailed, photo-oriented manual, Creating Naturally has a great recipe here.)

White whole wheat on the left, white all-purpose on the right.
It turned out beautifully!

Ok, quick kitchen tip: Do NOT leave your sourdough in the door of the refrigerator. Things go bad in fridge doors faster than anywhere else. We had to do one restart shortly after beginning the process because I had to learn this the hard way.

Here we are a year later, though, mistakes notwithstanding. We're now enjoying yummy, homemade pizza, bread, crackers, pancakes, waffles, etc about twice a week. We have switched to mostly whole wheat flour so our sourdough looks like this now:
Sourdough is a very kid-friendly project.
I'm hoping to share some recipes the rest of this week. I actually was going to put a recipe in this post but the wee ones are calling. And by calling, I mean, frustrating every patient bone in my body every second of this day! Keeping it real. I know, bummer, right? But I gots my priorities. ;)

Here's your consolation photo:
Kevin begged me to do a "sad-face" picture with him.
P.S. Now that I have a year of experience in sourdough adventures, I'd be happy to answer any questions if you decide to take on the project yourself. It really is a worthwhile endeavor.


  1. Kevin's "sad" face looks like it has a smile hiding behind it! LOL I always enjoy your post and love seeing the pictures! I asked Grace if she read the post because she asked if they could come have pizza with us Friday night! You inspire me to get back into doing sourdough!

    1. Oh, hooray! I'm glad! Sourdough is so much fun!
      I expect the famous pizza the day I arrive on our next visit. I'm dreaming of a Wright pizza...(to White Christmas tune.) Hehe.

  2. How do you make crackers? We make a biscuit dough with less baking powder and cook it on the griddle side of the old waffle iron, so that it is cooked on both sides at once and kept flat. I use a tortilla press to flatten them. They are really great with sesame seeds sprinkled on and pressed in. Sourdough crackers sounds delicious, though! I should start some with the kids. I'm fermenting bird seed for the pigs and chickens, so I oughtta do some fermented foods for us, right?


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