Friday, March 29, 2013

Family Activity: Remember When?

This is an exercise in empathy challenge or activity for you and your family.  You can make it as short or long as you want to.

When we are grieving over the very recent loss of someone important in our lives, we usually gather together with loved ones and talk about what we remember about that person.

Memories of the times we had together.

Stories that they loved to tell and we loved to listen to.

It seems to me that this was likely what the followers of Jesus were doing in the dark hours after his death, all gathered there together in the safest place they could find.

Maybe the conversations went something like this:

Matthew might say: "Remember when Jesus walked on the sea and we thought he was a ghost? Until he said, "Be of good cheer! It is I: be not afraid."

"Yeah," another might pipe up, "And Peter went and got himself all wet trying to walk out to meet him," (elbowing Peter as the group releases just enough gloom to crack a tiny smile.)

Then Jesus' mother maybe would chime in, "Remember when he turned the water into wine at that wedding?"

And John would perhaps reply, "Yes. That was the miracle that started this whole thing." (Squeezing Mother Mary's hand as another tear trickles down her face.)

And Mark would add: "I remember when he fed five thousand men with only five loaves of bread and two fish!"

And one of the women would conclude, "Right? And we had 12 baskets of leftovers!"


Imagine you are one of the followers of Jesus gathered in the upper room after his crucifixion and burial.

Maybe you identify with one of the eleven remaining disciples? Peter? Matthew? John? Or one of the many women who followed Jesus. Mary Magdalene perhaps, or Jesus' mother, or Joanna, Susannah, or Salome? Or you can just be someone whose name was not mentioned but was always faithfully lingering in the background.

What can you remember of Jesus life, his words or his works before the cross, that really stand out to you?

Think of your favorite gospel stories, events, parables or words of comfort that Jesus spoke-taught to all who had ears to hear.

(7-yr-old Kaitlin's biggest take-aways were "He healed people" and "He helped the little girl [come alive again.]")

Aaaaand.... Go!

Feel free to come back and share a blog post link or a brief comment of your remembrances.

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