Monday, February 18, 2013

Mama Takes a Sick Day

I know there's a saying somewhere that mothers never get a day off. But there are those strange anomalies in the course of time where by some freak of nature, Mama gets sick! Fortunately, I have a husband who is more than capable of handling things when I'm useless. (Go Josh!)

Because yesterday.


I don't know who invented the whole 24 hour time frame for a stomach virus because it's more like 72 hours before things start to feel better.

I spent most of Sunday in bed. Sleep. Cramps. Fever. Body Ache. Oh, yes, all the things!

I would say it was no picnic but then I might have to talk about food, which really I am not drawn to at the moment. Not that I can't eat it; I'm fine with that. It's just not fun to fantasize about it right now.

I played Puzzle Quest 2 on Kaitlin's DSi.

I read Bossypants by Tina Fey. Yes, the whole book! It says something that I read over 275 pages in one day. I would only highly recommend it if you are impervious to profanity and a shocking statement here and there that she may or may not have been serious about. I enjoy her humor and dry wit. She leaves room for plenty of comebacks if we were having an actual conversation. We could be friends. With occasional disapproving glances. I laughed out loud so many times. What can I say? She lives a great story.

I read a chapter or two from The Emperor's New Drugs, by Irving Kirsch, Ph. D. It is informative but hard-to-read information about the inefficacy of anti-depressants, or rather, that any assumed efficacy is really the placebo effect. Because, you know, I'm into this kind of stuff. Sometimes I wish life was as easy as popping a little "fix-it" pill, but it never is, is it? I am just finishing up the disproving segment and about to move on to the alternative solutions bit. Riveting! No?

I watched some cartoon Mr. Bean. Because even sick people need to laugh. What I am saying?! Especially, sick people need to laugh!

It turns out, I can accomplish an awful lot when I take a sick day.

But my house will thank me when I return from these messages.

(Here are some messy house pictures so you can all feel that you are not alone in the war on clutter. Note: We just made everything neat on Friday, so mind you, this is only two days' worth. In actuality, it's usually much worse even when I'm not sick.)

After previewing these photos myself, I just realized there are four loads of laundry to fold in my house.

On second thought, I do believe one more sick day is in order.

Wink. Wink.

Have a nice day.



  1. I do hope you feel better! Love your wit, as always.

  2. Thanks, Sara. I'm better today but Josh has it now. I'm just glad the duration isn't more than a day or three.


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